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Eco friendly ideas in personal and home care. Think healthy, organic, eco friendly and sensible for you and the planet.

We research products to find the best in natural cleaning, personal care, air and water filtration devices, home care, organic food, and more! Sometimes we spend hours looking for a single item (because it was healthy, organic or eco friendly)

 Have you heard about "Clean"?

Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

We all read so many books, articles, blogs & tweets about healthy eating, diets, detox, etc. They all promise so many benefits, I hope this one doesn't get lost in all that hype, because finally - This one works!

I followed the book to a "T" for three weeks, and as advertised, the 10 lbs I lost (I'm a 6 foot male - 179 down to 169) was actually the least of the benefits. Click the link and read a few of the pages on Amazon's Preview. You'll see what it's all about.


Healthy Home Tip: EWG's Cancer Prevention Tips

Planet Bag, Reusable Grocery/shopping bag

Free & Clear Shampoo 

Energy Saving bulbs

Stainless Steel water bottles

 Reusable Bags

Safe Shampoos

Energy savers

Water Filters and Stainless Steel Bottles


Save Trees!

green shoes

Green Shoes


Green Toys


You can save the time and effort. Let us do the research. We list what we find here GoodShop.GoodClicks.com.  We continually update our reports and product line so be sure to check back with us often. Video reports are coming soon. 

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