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Health & Beauty Product safety

Family health and product safety

Many of the top brands that we're all familiar with, present a high hazard to our health and the FDA doesn't require these companies to test for safety.

Update from EWG on their database:

Have you ever counted how many cosmetics or personal care products you use in a day? Chances are it's about 10.

We launched our Skin Deep Cosmetics Database seven years ago because we saw people putting all sorts of products on their bodies without knowing if they contained harmful chemicals. Since neither the cosmetics industry nor the government was stepping up to inform the public, we decided we'd better do it.

Seven years later, the industry still hasn't taken action -- but we have. We've just completed a major makeover of Skin Deep so you have the best, most up-to-date information to keep you and your family safe.

GreenShop researchs each of our health and beauty products on various databases and consumer satisfaction websites. We look for products that don't contain harmful ingredients, yet still produce great results. For example, The non-profit EWG  (Environment Working Group) has a cosmetics database that uses a scale from zero to ten (0-10) with ten being the highest hazard. Every one of the health and beauty products on this site were checked to have a rating no higher than one (1).

Why do we check? Since the FDA doesn't require companies to test their own products for safety. "FDAdoes not have a premarket approval system for cosmetic products or ingredients, with the important exception of color additives." Many products have ingredients which are known carcinogins, neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, etc. These companies are not even required to register with the FDA"Manufacturers are not required to register their cosmetic establishments, file data on ingredients, or report cosmetic-related injuries to FDA. However, companies are encouraged to register their establishments and file Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statements with FDA's"