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An amateur makes his first loaf of bread

I began looking at healthy ways to eat about 6 years ago, and I keep refining the process. Previously a big Steak and potatoes guy, I haven't eaten red meat since I began. But if you keep reading and researching, sooner or later you will read the labels on everything edible.

Bread was one of the items that was giving me problems. Wheat is one of the "Big 5" GMO crops, even though I had switched to whole wheat it's usually GMO as well. Also bread labels are VERY misleading. "Natural", "100% Whole Wheat", etc are just some of the obvious ones. There are usually at least 5 or 10 other ingredients in 100% whole wheat. Even if you can find "organic" in your area, remember only 95% of the contents are required to be organic. Of course it is desirable to have some other ingredients like yeast, a pinch of salt, and depending on the bread, some sugar, nuts or berries.

After lots of frustration even finding organic bread in our area, I decided to try a bread machine. Far from being a real cook I had my doubts, but I had to do something. I ordered a Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Breadmakerfrom Amazon with the hope I could make some edible and healthier bread.

I got white organic bread flour for my first try. Most of the other items like organic sugar, sea salt, etc., were already around the house. The first loaf I tried was a walnut cinnamon loaf. I cautiously measured the quantities, double checked each one and placed them in the bread maker. The instructions said the loaf would be done in 4 hours.

About 3 and a half hours later the aroma of fresh baking bread filled the kitchen. I couldn't wait. To my surprise it came out great the first time! This was probably the best bread I had eaten since the last time I was in France, and I didn't have to worry about what was in it.

Now I'm hooked. I've since created loaves of white, whole wheat, and with other ingredients like basil and other herbs from my garden. I enjoy seeing what I can come up with next. I always had the idea that making your own bread would be way too much trouble but a modern bread machine makes it real easy. It now takes me about 10 or 15 minutes to get everything into the machine. Less than the time I used to spend reading labels in the bread aisle at the supermarket.