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Collapsible Foldable wheeled trolley shopping cart Bag

If you're really Greeen and walk to your grocery store, here is a great solution. Most shopping trolleys take up a lot of space and storage, especially for city dwellers with small living spaces. Turn your large shopping assistant into a small package that neatly stows anywhere. - Made in Germany. Choose your color or pattern - As low as $22.95

foldable cart with wheels        Foldable shopping bag
The storage is built in! It can be folded three times and stowed away in its' own outside pocket! This is possible by means of the special design of the wheels which can be flattened thanks to a spring mechanism. Click to Order

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The Planet Bag

A new, heavyweight cotton shopping bag designed to be used instead of plastic or paper bags at the grocery store checkout. Unlike most cotton bags, The Planet Bag is a sturdy, machine washable, roomy bag that will accomodate all of your bulky and heavy grocery items.

  • Made of 100% Natural Cotton with no harmful dyes or bleaches
  • Produced with Fair Wage/Fair Trade Standards
  • Each bag holds as much as three plastic bags would!
  • Part of Profits Donated to Environmental and Non-Environmental Charities

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